Remote depositions and trials are nothing new for us.  We have been doing remote depositions with Zoom for over two years now.  We also recently had the opportunity to handle the exhibit presentation for the first ever virtual trial in the US Federal Court of Claims.


All you need is internet access and a computer or mobile device with a webcam and you can participate in a remote deposition.  We host the meeting and send out all the invitations.  The webcam feed of the witness is recorded by one of our technicians, along with any exhibits that were displayed using screenshare.  We can still provide your video copy with synchronized text.  Our technician can even display your exhibits electronically using trial director.


We also offer a hybrid remote deposition, where the videographer is present with the witness and some or all of the attorneys appear over videoconference.  If the videographer is present with the witness, we are not limited to webcam video resolutions.  The deposition is recorded in full 1080p HD.


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