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Union Station Kansas City - Legal Video and Trial Support



Don’t trust your video deposition to just anyone.  Knowledge of deposition protocol as well as State and Federal Rules are essential for any qualified legal videographer.  Since 1988, TBC has videotaped over 30,000 depositions.  We have 4 full-time videographers and 3 trial technicians on staff and ready to help you on your next case.  Let our experienced team of legal videographers help you with your next case.


Preparing for trial can be a very daunting task at times.  TBC has 3 trial technicians that can alleviate some of the headaches that come with gearing-up for a big trial.  Our technicians have a great deal of experience presenting evidence in numerous complex, high-profile cases across the country.

Our trial technicians can assist in developing a presentation plan for your case.  We can share ideas that have proven to be effective in other cases and help you come up with a plan that will be illustrative to the jury.

We can aid in scanning exhibits, synchronizing and editing videos, and organizing all of your case data.  TBC also has a graphic designer on staff who can create demonstrative exhibits, PowerPoint presentations, and blow-ups.

TBC introduced the use of trial presentation software to the Kansas City legal community more than a decade ago. The growth of this technology has enabled litigators by providing them with powerful, cost-effective, presentation tools that produce results.

Our experienced trial team members can instantly annotate exhibits, create video impeachment clips and text clips “on-the-fly”. Exhibits can be modified and redacted instantly. No no need for costly blowups. We give you the ability to effectively present your evidence in a way that is interesting to the jury. We would be happy to customize a bid for you.


HD is everywhere!  From football games to prime time television programming. There is no reason why your video depositions can't have the same stunning clarity and detail. We record every deposition in HD, giving you the highest quality product available. Why not take it a step farther and add-in electronic exhibit presentation? Call-up exhibits on your laptop, iPad, an elmo, or virtually any other device and incorporate them in the deposition video! Now you can put the power of cutting-edge technology to work for you!  Easy. Affordable. Effective.


Remote depositions and trials are nothing new for us.  We have been doing remote depositions with Zoom for several years now.  In fact, we had the opportunity to handle the exhibit presentation for the first ever virtual trial in the US Federal Court of Claims.

All you need is internet access and a computer or mobile device with a webcam and you can participate in a remote deposition.  We host the meeting and send out all the invitations.  The webcam feed of the witness is recorded by one of our technicians, along with any exhibits that were displayed using screenshare.  We can still provide your video copy with synchronized text.  Our technician can even display your exhibits electronically using OnCue

We also offer a hybrid remote deposition, where the videographer is present with the witness and some or all of the attorneys appear over videoconference.  If the videographer is present with the witness, we are not limited to webcam video resolutions.  The deposition is recorded in full 1080p HD.


TBC uses only professional quality equipment for recording depositions. Pro Panasonic AVCHD cameras ensure a broadcast quality recording. Sony and Shure lavalier microphones and audio mixers ensure everyone will be heard at all times during the proceeding. A backup recording is also made on-site to guarantee that no testimony is lost due to equipment failure. A complimentary audio copy is also provided for the court reporter if requested.

We can also provide a HD Picture-in-Picture setup, allowing you to connect your iPad or laptop and call-up exhibits for the witness during the deposition.  The videographer can also display and annotate exhibits using OnCue Software. iPad with TrialPad Software can be provided upon request.


Our experienced editors have edited thousands of depositions since 1988, but our experience doesn’t stop there.  We have had the opportunity to work on a wide-variety of editing projects over the years, such as Settlement Brochures, Day-in-the-Life, Surveillance, Equipment Testing, Site Inspection, Promotional Videos and many more. We can source from virtually any format and can receive files in a variety of different ways, including flash drives, DVD/CD media, SD Card, as well as large file delivery programs such as Dropbox.  Editing Platforms include Adobe Premiere Pro, OnCue, Trial Director, DepoView and Sanction.

Have a deposition video and want to integrate the exhibits for playback at trial? No problem. Our experienced editors can create a PIP video for you with callouts from all of the exhibits for a seamless presentation at trial.


TBC offers a wide variety of trial support services. We have been providing the latest and most up-to-date courtroom presentation tools for over 20 years. From basic presentation equipment that will be run by the attorney to a multi-monitor, computer assisted setup run by an experienced trial technician, TBC can meet all of your trial support needs.

We offer two standard courtroom equipment packages that can be fully customized to meet all of your trial needs.

Ultra Bright Projector
80” Insta-Theatre Screen
Digital Elmo Visual Presenter
DVD Player
Powered Speaker
A/V Cart
Computer/Laptop Connections
All Necessary Cabling
Delivery, Setup and Pickup Included


PC Loaded With Trial Presentation Software
Multiple Monitors
LCD Monitor
Ultra Bright HD Projector
80” Insta-Theatre Screen
Digital Elmo Visual Presenter
Altinex Distribution System
Powered Speaker
A/V Cart
All Necessary Cabling
Delivery, Setup and Pickup Included


TBC Can Help Make Your Next Focus Group or Mock Trial a Major Success!

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work on numerous focus groups and mock trials across the country. We have found that many jury consultants will package equipment and technicians into their services…at a steep cost.

TBC can provide all the technical support you need at a fraction of the cost. Whether large and complex or small and relatively simple, we have the experience and expertise to ensure your presentation is seamless.

We can provide multi-camera breakout rooms with boundary microphones to ensure all participants can be heard.  A multi-monitor viewing room with closed circuit feeds from the cameras in each of the breakout rooms allows you the flexibility to monitor any or all deliberations simultaneously.  TBC utilizes Listen wireless receivers for audio monitoring of all the deliberations.  The receivers allow you to monitor audio feeds from each room individually with the touch of a button!  This wireless technology allows you the freedom to roam around and continue monitoring the discussions without being tethered to a headset viewing station.

We can also assist you in preparing and presenting your case to participants. We offer all the equipment we provide for trial support, as well as various presentation specific devices, to create a truly seamless production.

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